…Easy as Pie Meatballs…

Want your house to smell good? People rave about these and can not believe how simple they are.

Combine equal amounts of barbecue sauce and grape jelly. I make plain meatballs, cook them in sauce. The smell is just great, everyone seems to love them. I have done this with the little smokies added too. I spoon some of the sauce over rice.

I hate to say this but I have seen others make fancy, fancy meatballs and most people seem to like these better. I started out using the Kraft plain sauce, later I used the molasses one, they seemed to like that, one time I did add a bit ot garlic powder and Lipton Onion Soup mix. Try the simple ones first.

During Christmas I found another simple recipe for these. Use 1/2 whole cranberry sauce to 1/2 tomato sauce..there was a discussion too about using the real meatballs rather than the store bought ones, most agreed the store bought ones were no good.