..you might be a Redneck at Thanksgiving if..

..you’ve ever served dinner on a ping-pong table..
..you’ve ever used an old ironing board as a buffet table..

.all yer dinnerware has Dixie printed on it..


..I had to laugh because my grandson and granddaughter wanted to use ketsup on their turkey and their dad would not let them do it..made then put the ketsup up..

..my electrical engineer (maybe that was part of the problem) son in law decided to deep fry a turkey for Thanksgiving..he went and bought a fryer..not just any run of the mill one..a fancy once…cost him $70 or so..I guess one problem was he waited till 2 hours before dinner to put the thing together..and it wasn’t just one piece but 2..dinner was at 2..3..4..then we gave up and ate..finally the turkey was done 7ish or so..he toook it out and I don’t know what happened..but..I swear it looked like someone put some dynamite up it’s arse…

..a neighbor took it home..and declared she ate it and it was good..I think she tried to give some of it back..

..anyway here is some advise……..

..don’t try to cook a 20+ pounder in them
if it won’t fit in it won’t fit in!!!!

don’t have the oil to the top
..have a level cooking surface..so it won’t tip over..

cooking on a deck may not be the best idea..
putting a frozen turkey in piping hot oil will destroy everything within 15 feet

use special extra heavy pot-holders..
keep kids away..dogs too..even the wife ain a bad idea

..cook outside only..garages aren’t a good idea..

..don’t wear any clothes that are baggy and can dip down into da grease..
..better to let it cool over night
..or as mine did for a month..my daughter swore she would not clean it..the thing sat aroound and sat around..I swear..I go over one day and the baby is playing with one part to it..!!..

..now my son and I had a few gooood laughs over it..he has cooked them for some time this way he’s only a truck driver..!!..

..but..guess what..??..we’re going to try it again this year..!!..that’s if they can find all the parts..I see them here and there..and there..