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This my newest Genealogy Page .. you will find 36 SURNAMES and much more on my sitemap..

..thanks Marjorie Smith Ward..

..Do this Today..

..What is the one thing you really look for concerning genealogy if you are like me..??..PICTURES..and it seems I really do not find many..start today with yourself..your children..make sure names are given and clear to read..I find pictures that simply say Grandma..Grandma who..??..

..and think of may say Grandma Brucher..which Grandma Brucher..??..put an initial at least or better yet take time to write the names could get a binder and just put pictures in it…recently I took some old pictures and copied them on photography paper..they really came out can scan pictures to take out poor quality areas too.. hubby and I wil l be married 40 years next year..I am gathering pictures..recently while at my moms I found some proofs from our wedding pictures..thankfully the one of the picture I liked best was there..I have found 21 pictures so far..

**I keep finding them**..then by a bit of luck I came across some wedding albums..I bought a album for 8x10s and one for 4x6s. I can make copies to put in the album..of me and my hubby and then have a through the years section..then add in pictures from our party..



….**..**..**Reunions has a really great special of $9.99 for a year. There are some real good ideas in this magazine..**I recieve no compensation from them**

Tired of the same ole reunion? This magazine has lots of ides for all sorts of reunions. Perhaps you can plan a big reunion a few years down the road and go somewhere none of you have been before. Go at Thanksgiving or perhaps Christmas. Just go off-season even. I know you can go to Myrtle Beach for next to nothing in the off season and many places do this.



I want to mention something here. Please take time to sign Guest Books. Many have put a lot of time into their genealogy pages. I try to answer everyone who e-mails me or signs my books..

Take a gamble once in a while…think about much do you spend on genealogy?..I bought a big expensive cemetery listing book from my home county .. I wrote letters offering to do look-ups for $20. Only one person took me up on this. She got more than her $20 worth. I immediately found a few cemeteries she was looking for and luckily found some of her people. I was getting a local paper that had a Looking Back column. By luck I found some for this person and later found more and sent it to her. You just never know.

..Life Magazine Covers..

Here is something just sent to me. Life covers. Some years back I bought two old issues. One for the week after I was born and one for my daughter for when she was born. Now though I have a picture of the cover from the actual week I was brought into this world…LIFE..

I had printed my cover out on our old computer and it did not come out good, on our new printer it came out great.

..My Sitemap..

Here is my new sitemap with 36 yours one..??..

Things you can do today to start your genealogy.

Sit down right now and write down what you know. Make sure it is written clearly so others can understand. Pencil is fine.
Buy a notebook and some super heavyweight sheet protectors.
Pick up brocures etc for your notebook…I picked up ones for all the local places we visited with our children..a local apartment listing or real estate booklet are good..local TV listings..This can include apartment rental books..area guidebooks..maps..Add your children..grandchildren draw..

..Census Information.. many times in regards to census information I hear from someone..that can not be right..the age is wrong..the ages are different..etc so on..the name is spelled wrong..that is not the way he or she spelled his or her name..that can not be have to keep an open mind concerning census is not is merely what one person tells one verifies information..

..there is room for error..someone heard wrong..forgot our line one family had 16 children..

and think of years back many families lived together..and one person may answer the information one time..another person at another time..though now married 38 years my hubby still wants to change the date..

..and I too want to make it the 20th not the actual date of the 24th..I think he has confused me..!!..we found our Mattison line spelled 3 different ways..back then you could probably change the spelling at will..perhaps one line of the family was mad at another line..perhaps they just did this so people knew who was who..someone may have disliked their given they changed it..

Just like mom says they had no middle names..they chose their own..gradually that is how things are sent to her..though mom now says she does not like the name she took..

An explanation about some census problems. Recently I found the Brucher family listed on a census reading as Bluchi.

How does this happen. Very easily. This is not a common name. The name is spelled the same but even pronounced differently. Some pronounce it Brew cher..

Others pronounce it Brooker. I found many other names spelled wrong. I only knew as I lived in the area and was familiar with the names. You may say well then why not change it. If this did happen perhaps 1/3 of the names might have to be changed.